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Causeway Copse Kingston
Summary: Once the southern part of Surbiton Common, on the 1838 Enclosure map what is now Causeway Copse was marked as Gooseberry Hill, prior to which it had been known as Gosborough Hyll or Gosbury Hill. The woodland was owned by Merton Priory, and in 1537 was leased to William Saunders, requiring high standards of management. It remains partly wooded and is now a small park with a playground, surrounded by housing, reached through a narrow path from The Causeway by Durbin Road.
Previous / Other name: Surbiton Common; Gosbury Hill Gardens
Site location: The Causeway, Chessington
Postcode: KT9 > Google Map
Type of site: Public Open Land
Listed structures:
Borough: Kingston
Site ownership: RB Kingston
Site management: Grounds maintenance contractor: Quadron Services Ltd
Open to public? Yes
Opening times: unrestricted
Special conditions:
Facilities: playground
Public transport: Rail: Chessington North
The information shown above was correct at the time of the last update 01/03/2004
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Fuller information:

Before the Reformation this was part of lands owned by Merton Priory. In 1537 the Priory leased the 'wood and underwood called Gosborough Hyll with a hedgerow' to William Saunders for £10 for a 6 year period. The Priory required high standards of management in order to maintain a steady source of well-developed trees of different ages from the same wood, allowing Saunders to fell wood only so long as he left 'standing and growing 30 'standers' upon every acre of the wood and make a sufficient hedge about the same for the preservation and safeguard of the young coppys and sprynges thereof'.

Sources consulted:

Sue Swales, Ian Yarham, Bob Britton, 'Nature Conservation in Kingston upon Thames', Ecology Handbook 18 (London Ecology Unit) 1992
Grid ref: TQ184646
Size in hectares: 0.5
On EH National Register : No
EH grade:
Site on EH Heritage at Risk list:
Registered common or village green
on Commons Registration Act 1965:
Protected under London Squares
Preservation Act 1931:
The information below is taken from the relevant Local Authority's planning legislation, which was correct at the time of research but may have been amended in the interim. Please check with the Local Authority for latest planning information.
On Local List:
In Conservation Area: No
Conservation Area name:
Tree Preservation Order: No
Nature Conservation Area: Yes - Local Importance
Green Belt: No
Metropolitan Open Land: No
Special Policy Area: Yes - Area of Archaeological Significance
Other LA designation: Local Open Space

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