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Addington Square Garden, Southwark  
Albert Gardens, Tower Hamlets  
Albert Square, Lambeth  
Albion Square, Hackney  
Alexander Square (North and South), Kensington & Chelsea  
Alma Square Garden, Westminster  
Alwyne Square, Islington  
Annett's Crescent, Islington  
Arbour Square Gardens, Tower Hamlets  
Argyle Square Gardens, Camden  
Arlington Square, Islington  
Arundel and Elgin Communal Garden (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Arundel and Ladbroke Gardens (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Arundel Square, Islington  
Ashburn Place Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Avondale Park Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Barkston Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Barnsbury Square, Islington  
Beaumont Square Gardens, Tower Hamlets  
Bedford Square Garden *, Camden  
Belgrave Square Gardens *, Westminster  
Berkeley Square Gardens *, Westminster  
Bessborough Gardens, Westminster  
Bina Gardens West, Kensington & Chelsea  
Blenheim and Elgin Crescents Garden (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Bloomsbury Square Gardens *, Camden  
Bolton Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Bramham Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Brompton Square, Kensington & Chelsea  
Brunswick Square Gardens *, Camden  
Bryanston Square, Westminster  
Cadogan Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Cadogan Place Gardens *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Cadogan Square Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Cambridge Gardens, Brent  
Cambridge Square, Westminster  
Camden Square Gardens, Camden  
Campden Hill Square, Kensington & Chelsea  
Canonbury Square, Islington  
Carlton Square, Tower Hamlets  
Carlyle Square Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Cartwright Gardens, Camden  
Cassland Road Gardens, Hackney  
Cavendish Square Gardens, Westminster  
Chalcot Square Gardens, Camden  
Charterhouse Precincts (Charterhouse Square and The Charterhouse), Islington  
Chelsea Square, Kensington & Chelsea  
Chesham Place, Westminster  
Chester Square *, Westminster  
Cheyne Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Clapton Square Park, Hackney  
Clarence Gardens, Camden  
Clarendon Road and Lansdowne Garden (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Clarendon Road and Lansdowne Road Communal Garden (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Cleaver Square, Lambeth  
Cleveland Gardens, Westminster  
Cleveland Square, Westminster  
Collingham Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Colville Square Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Connaught Square, Westminster  
Cornwall Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Courtfield Gardens (East), Kensington & Chelsea  
Courtfield Gardens (West), Kensington & Chelsea  
Craven Hill Gardens: Corringham Garden, Westminster  
Craven Hill Gardens: Hempel Garden Square, Westminster  
Crescent Grove, Lambeth  
De Beauvoir Square, Hackney  
Devonshire Square, City of London  
Dorset Square, Westminster  
Durand Gardens, Lambeth  
Earl's Court Square, Kensington & Chelsea  
Eaton Square Gardens *, Westminster  
Ebury Square Garden, Westminster  
Eccleston Square *, Westminster  
Edwardes Square *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Egerton Crescent Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Egerton Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Elm Park Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Emperor's Gate, Kensington & Chelsea  
Ennismore Gardens, Westminster  
Fassett Square, Hackney  
Fitzroy Square Gardens, Camden  
Ford Square Gardens, Tower Hamlets  
Gibson Square, Islington  
Gledhow Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Gloucester Circus, Greenwich  
Gloucester Square, Westminster  
Golden Square Garden, Westminster  
Goldington Crescent Gardens, Camden  
Gordon Square Garden, Camden  
Grafton Square, Lambeth  
Granville Square, Islington  
Great Cumberland Place, Westminster  
Grosvenor Square Garden *, Westminster  
Hanover Gardens, Lambeth  
Hanover Gardens (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Hanover Square Garden, Westminster  
Hans Place Garden *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Harrington Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Harrington Square Gardens, Camden  
Hereford Square, Kensington & Chelsea  
Holmewood Gardens, Lambeth  
Hoxton Square, Hackney  
Hyde Park Gardens, Westminster  
Hyde Park Gate, Kensington & Chelsea  
Hyde Park Square, Westminster  
Imperial Square, Hammersmith & Fulham  
Iverna Court Garden, Kensington & Chelsea  
Kensington Gardens Square, Westminster  
Kensington Gate Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Kensington Square, Kensington & Chelsea  
Kenton Road Shrubbery, Hackney  
Kildare Gardens, Westminster  
Ladbroke Grove Garden (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Ladbroke Square Garden (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Lancaster Gate, Westminster  
Lansdowne and Elgin Crescent Gardens (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Lansdowne Crescent Garden (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Lansdowne Gardens, Lambeth  
Lansdowne Road and Lansdowne Crescent Garden (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Leicester Square Garden, Westminster  
Leinster Square, Westminster  
Lennox Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Lexham Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Leyton Square Garden, Southwark  
Lincoln's Inn Fields *, Camden  
Little Venice Gardens, Westminster  
Lloyd Square, Islington  
Lonsdale Square, Islington  
Lowndes Square, Kensington & Chelsea  
Lyndhurst Square, Southwark  
Manchester Square Gardens *, Westminster  
Markham Square Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Mecklenburgh Square Garden *, Camden  
Merrick Square, Southwark  
Milner Square, Islington  
Montagu Square, Westminster  
Montpelier Garden (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Montpelier Square, Westminster  
Munster Square, Camden  
Myddelton Square Public Garden, Islington  
Nelson Square Gardens, Southwark  
Nevern Square Garden, Kensington & Chelsea  
Nightingale Square, Wandsworth  
No.107 Prince's Gate, Westminster  
Norfolk Crescent, Westminster  
Norfolk Square Garden, Westminster  
Norland Square Garden, Kensington & Chelsea  
Notting Hill Garden (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Oakley Square Gardens, Camden  
Onslow Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Onslow Square, Kensington & Chelsea  
Orme Square, Westminster  
Ormonde Gate, Kensington & Chelsea  
Ovington Square, Kensington & Chelsea  
Oxford Square, Westminster  
Park Crescent *, Westminster  
Park Square *, Westminster  
Paultons Square, Kensington & Chelsea  
Pelham Crescent Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Pembridge Square Garden, Kensington & Chelsea  
Pembroke Square, including Rassells of Kensington, Kensington & Chelsea  
Percy Circus, Islington  
Philbeach Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Pond Square Gardens, Camden  
Porchester Square Gardens, Westminster  
Portman Square *, Westminster  
Powis Square Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Prince's Gardens, Westminster  
Prince's Square Gardens, Westminster  
Queen Square Gardens, Camden  
Queen's Elm Square, Kensington & Chelsea  
Queen's Gardens, Westminster  
Queen's Gate Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Randolph Gardens, including St Augustine's Church, Westminster  
Red Lion Square Gardens, Camden  
Redcliffe Square Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Regent Square Gardens, Camden  
Rochester Terrace Gardens, Camden  
Royal Crescent Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Russell Square Gardens *, Camden  
Rutland Gate South Garden and Upper Garden, Westminster  
Sidney Square Gardens, Tower Hamlets  
Sloane Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Soho Square Garden, Westminster  
Somerset Gardens, Lewisham  
South Stanley Garden (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
St Andrew's Square Gardens, Kingston  
St George's Square, Westminster  
St James's Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
St James's Square *, Westminster  
St Peter's Square *, Hammersmith & Fulham  
St Philip the Apostle Church (St Philip Square), Wandsworth  
St Stephen's Garden Open Space, Westminster  
St Thomas's Square, Hackney  
Stanhope Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Stanley Crescent Garden (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Stanley Gardens North (Ladbroke Estate) *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Sunningdale Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Sussex Square, Westminster  
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