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Addison Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Aged Pilgrims' Friend Society Home, Southwark  
Alleyn's School Memorial Garden, Southwark  
Amen Court, City of London  
Ballast Quay Garden, Greenwich  
Bank of England Garden Court, City of London  
Barlby Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Beeston's Gift Almshouses, Southwark  
Bertie Almshouses Garden, Bromley  
Bina Gardens East, Kensington & Chelsea  
Boulevard Gardens (Capel Gardens and Pinner Court), Harrow  
Bower House and Bower Wood, Havering  
Branch Hill Woodland including Branch Hill Allotments, Camden  
British Medical Association Council Garden and Court of Honour, Camden  
Brockley Hill Park Estate Ornamental Garden, Lewisham  
Bromley College, Bromley  
Buckingham Palace Gardens *, Westminster  
Burgh House Garden, Camden  
Cadogan Square Small, Kensington & Chelsea  
Cambridge Gate, Camden  
Cambridge Terrace and Mews, Camden  
Canonbury Tower, Canonbury Estate, Islington  
Capel Nelmes (Emerson Park Estate), Havering  
Carlton House Terrace Gardens, Westminster  
Carlyle's House Garden, Kensington & Chelsea  
Caron's Almshouses, Lambeth  
Cecil Sharp House, Camden  
Charterhouse Precincts (Charterhouse Square and The Charterhouse), Islington  
Chester Place, Camden  
Chester Terrace, Camden  
Church Estate Almshouses, Richmond  
City of London Almshouses and Gresham Almshouses, Lambeth  
Cloister Garden, Priory Church of the Order of St John of Jerusalem, Islington  
Collingham Gardens Nursery, Camden  
Convent of the Assumption Garden, Kensington & Chelsea  
Cranham Hall, Havering  
Cranley Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Cranley Mews, Kensington & Chelsea  
Cresswell Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Crewe House, Westminster  
Cumberland Place, Camden  
Cumberland Terrace, Camden  
Dean's Court, City of London  
Debenham House Garden, Kensington & Chelsea  
Down House *, Bromley  
Drapers' Almshouses, Southwark  
Drapers' Almshouses, Haringey  
Drapers' Hall Garden, City of London  
Eagle House including Nos 6, 8, 10 Marryat Road, Merton  
Earl's Terrace, Kensington & Chelsea  
Edwardes Place, Kensington & Chelsea  
Egerton Place Garden, Kensington & Chelsea  
Elmhurst Conference Centre, Redbridge  
Eltham Palace Gardens and Grounds *, Greenwich  
Emery Walker's House, Hammersmith & Fulham  
Evelyn Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Fairlawn, Wandsworth  
Fenton House, Camden  
Fishmongers' Hall Garden, City of London  
Forbes House Gardens, Westminster  
Formosa Garden, Westminster  
Four Acres, Kingston  
Freud Museum Garden, Camden  
Friends House Garden, Camden  
Friends Meeting House Garden, Hammersmith & Fulham  
Gainsborough Gardens, Camden  
Girdlers' Hall Garden, City of London  
Gloucester Gate, Camden  
Goldsmiths' Almshouses, Ealing  
Gresham, City of London  
Greystones, Merton  
Grim's Dyke Hotel *, Harrow  
Grocers' Hall Courtyard, City of London  
Halkin Street Garden, Westminster  
Hall Grange and The Old Vicarage, Croydon  
Ham House and Gardens *, Richmond  
Hampstead Square Gardens, Camden  
Hanover Terrace Garden, Westminster  
Harefield House, Hillingdon  
Hayes Park, Hillingdon  
Hendon Hall Hotel, Barnet  
Hickey's Almshouses, Richmond  
Highbury Park Terrace, Islington  
Highbury Quadrant Congregational Church, Islington  
Hogarth's House Garden, Hounslow  
Holborn Estate; Diprose Lodge, Wandsworth  
Holland House Garden *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Holland Park Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Holly Lodge Estate Gardens, Camden  
Hopton's Gardens, Southwark  
Houblon's Almshouses, Richmond  
Inverforth House Garden *, Camden  
Inverness Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
John Betts House, Hammersmith & Fulham  
Josiah Forster's Almshouses, Haringey  
Keats House, Camden  
Kelmscott House Garden, Hammersmith & Fulham  
Kent Terrace, Westminster  
King William IV Gardens, Bromley  
Kings Chelsea, Kensington & Chelsea  
Lady Jane Mico's Almshouses, Tower Hamlets  
Lady Mico's Almshouses, Tower Hamlets  
Lambeth Palace Gardens *, Lambeth  
Lancaster House, Westminster  
Lawrence Campe Almshouses, Barnet  
Leathersellers' Close, Barnet  
Little Holland House, Sutton  
Loring Hall, Bexley  
Lower Cheam House, Sutton  
Maids of Honour Row, Richmond  
Malet Street Garden, Camden  
Marlborough House Gardens, Westminster  
Mary Tate Almshouses, Merton  
Memorial Garden, Bromley by Bow Gasworks, Newham  
Merchant Taylors' Almshouses and Boone's Chapel, Lewisham  
Merchant Taylors' Garden, City of London  
Metropolitan Beer and Wine Trades Asylum, Southwark  
Metropolitan Benefit Societies Almshouses, Islington  
Michel's Almshouses, Richmond  
Miramonte, Kingston  
Monoux Almshouses, Waltham Forest  
Morden College, Greenwich  
Mountfort Crescent, Barnsbury Square, Islington  
Mrs Stable's Almshouses, Bexley  
No. 28 Albany Park Road, Kingston  
No. 8a Holland Villas Road, Kensington & Chelsea  
No.10 Downing Street Garden, Westminster  
No.100 Cheyne Walk *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Noble Street Gardens, City of London  
North Cray Poultry Farm, Bexley  
North End House, Hammersmith & Fulham  
Northwick Circle, Brent  
Norwood Hall, Ealing  
Nos.3 & 5 Porchester Terrace, Westminster  
Novotel Hotel Podium, Hammersmith & Fulham  
Oakwood Court Garden, Kensington & Chelsea  
One Tree Park, City of London  
Park Lane Gardens, Westminster  
Pembroke Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Queen's Walk Gardens, Green Park, Westminster  
Rainham Hall, Havering  
Ramsey Court, Croydon  
Ravenscroft Almshouses, Barnet  
Red House Garden, Bexley  
Regent's Park Terrace, Camden  
Richmond Terrace Garden, Westminster  
Ridgmount Gardens, Camden  
Royal College of Physicians Medicinal Garden, Camden  
Saddlers' Hall Garden, City of London  
Salters' Garden, City of London  
Sir William Powell's Almshouses, Hammersmith & Fulham  
Snaresbrook Memorial Gardens, Redbridge  
South Street Garden, Westminster  
Southborough House, Kingston  
Southside House, Merton  
Southwood Court, Haringey  
Southwood Hall Estate, Haringey  
Spencer House Garden, Westminster  
Squires Almshouses, Waltham Forest  
St Edmund the King and Martyr Churchyard, City of London  
St Giles-in-the-Fields Almshouses, Camden  
St James Close and Clothworkers Almshouses, Islington  
St James's Palace and Clarence House Gardens, Westminster  
St John's Cottages, Bromley  
St Joseph's Church and Retreat Gardens, Islington  
St Joseph's Cottages, Kensington & Chelsea  
St Laurence Pountney Graveyards, City of London  
St Martin Orgar Churchyard, City of London  
St Olave's House, City of London  
St Pancras Almshouses, Camden  
St Pancras Churchyard, City of London  
St Stephen Walbrook Churchyard, City of London  
Staple Inn Garden and Courtyard, City of London  
Stationers' Hall Garden, City of London  
Strawberry House *, Hounslow  
Styleman Almshouses, Bexley  
Sussex Gardens, Westminster  
Sutton Court, Hounslow  
Tallow Chandlers' Hall Courtyard, City of London  
Templeton, Wandsworth  
Thames Eyot, Richmond  
The Crescent Garden, Westminster  
The Croft, Barnet  
The Goring Hotel, Westminster  
The House of St Barnabas-in-Soho, Westminster  
The Pagoda House, Lewisham  
The Palace of Westminster: New Palace Yard and Black Rod's Garden, Westminster  
The Paragon, Greenwich  
The Pavilion, Kingston  
The Rawlins Almshouses, Bromley  
The Roof Gardens * (formerly Derry and Toms Roof Garden), Kensington & Chelsea  
The Round House, Havering  
The Vineyard, Hammersmith & Fulham  
The Windmill, Barnet  
Thistle Grove Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Triangle Garden, Westminster  
Trinity Green, Tower Hamlets  
Trinity Hospital, Greenwich  
Trumpeters' House, Richmond  
Tudor Court, Hounslow  
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