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Leathermarket Gardens, Southwark  
Leicester Square Garden, Westminster  
Leighton Crescent Playground, Camden  
Lewisham Memorial Gardens, Lewisham  
Leyton Square Garden, Southwark  
Library Green, Enfield  
Lincoln's Inn Fields *, Camden  
Lismore Circus, Camden  
Lister Gardens, Newham  
London Wall Gardens, Tower Hamlets  
Long Lane Recreation Ground Playground, Southwark  
Lonsdale Square, Islington  
Loughborough Park, Lambeth  
Lower Grosvenor Garden, Westminster  
Lyndhurst Square, Southwark  
Manchester Gardens, Haringey  
Manor Farm Site, Hillingdon  
Manor House, Bexley  
Manor House Grounds, Ealing  
Marble Arch, Westminster  
Marble Hill Park *, Richmond  
Mark Street Garden, Hackney  
Market Road Gardens, Islington  
Maxwell Road Play Area, Hammersmith & Fulham  
Meadway Gate Open Space, Hampstead Garden Suburb, Barnet  
Meanwhile Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Meath Gardens, Tower Hamlets  
Mercers Burial Ground, Tower Hamlets  
Merton Road, Wandsworth  
Millbank Estate including Millbank Gardens, Westminster  
Millfield House Arts Centre and St David's Park, Enfield  
Milner Square, Islington  
Minchenden Oak Garden, Enfield  
Monkwell Square, City of London  
Montefiore Gardens, Wandsworth  
Montpelier Gardens, Camden  
Mostyn Gardens, Lambeth  
Mount Street Gardens, Westminster  
Munster Square, Camden  
Museum Gardens *, Tower Hamlets  
Myddelton House Gardens *, Enfield  
Myddelton Square Public Garden, Islington  
National Maritime Museum Complex, Greenwich  
Natural History Museum Gardens and Wildlife Garden, Kensington & Chelsea  
Nelson Gardens, including St John the Divine Church, Merton  
Nelson Square Gardens, Southwark  
Newington Green, Islington  
Nightingale Gardens, Haringey  
Norfolk Square Garden, Westminster  
Northampton Square Gardens, Islington  
Northway Gardens and Northway Gardens Extension, Barnet  
Oakley Square Gardens, Camden  
Old Blue Cross Pet Cemetery, Greenwich  
Old Change Court, City of London  
Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich  
Old Town Hall and Municipal Offices, Wandsworth, Wandsworth  
Paddington Green, Westminster  
Paddington Street Gardens North and South, Westminster  
Page Green Common, Haringey  
Palace Road Nature Garden, Lambeth  
Paradise Gardens *, Tower Hamlets  
Paragon Gardens, Southwark  
Park Lane Recreation Ground, Havering  
Parliament Square Garden *, Westminster  
Penn Road Gardens, Islington  
Percy Circus, Islington  
Pimlico Gardens, Westminster  
Pond Square Gardens, Camden  
Pont Street Shrubbery, Kensington & Chelsea  
Poplar Park, Tower Hamlets  
Porchester Square Gardens, Westminster  
Postman's Park, City of London  
Powis Square Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Prebend Street Island, Islington  
Pretty Corner, Hillingdon  
Primrose Gardens, Camden  
Prince's Gardens, Westminster  
Pryor's Bank Gardens *, Hammersmith & Fulham  
Purley Library Grounds, Croydon  
Putney Old Burial Ground, Wandsworth  
Quaker Burial Ground, Hackney  
Quaker Gardens, Barking & Dagenham  
Quaker Gardens, Islington  
Queen Elizabeth Gardens, Southwark  
Queen Square Gardens, Camden  
Queen's Gardens, Greenwich  
Queen's Gardens, Bromley  
Radnor Gardens, Richmond  
Radnor Street Gardens, Islington  
Randolph Gardens, including St Augustine's Church, Westminster  
Rectory Gardens, Haringey  
Rectory Gardens, Tower Hamlets  
Red Cross Garden, Southwark  
Red Lion Square Gardens, Camden  
Redcliffe Square Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Regency Place, Westminster  
Regent Square Gardens, Camden  
Rembrandt Gardens, Westminster  
Riversdale Gardens, Haringey  
Riverside Gardens, Bexley  
Riverside Gardens, including Bridge House Gardens, Mears Walk, Midhurst Site, Riverdale Gardens, Richmond  
Riverside Walk Garden, Westminster  
Rochester Terrace Gardens, Camden  
Roper's Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
Royal Arsenal Gardens, Greenwich  
Royal Hospital Chelsea, including Ranelagh Gardens, South Ground and Burton's Court *, Kensington & Chelsea  
Royal Northern Gardens, Islington  
Russell Square Gardens *, Camden  
Seething Lane Gardens, City of London  
Shacklewell Green and Shacklewell Lane Triangle, Hackney  
Sidney Square Gardens, Tower Hamlets  
Slade Gardens, Lambeth  
Soho Square Garden, Westminster  
South Park Gardens *, Merton  
Southlands Arts Centre Grounds, Hillingdon  
Southwark Cathedral Precinct, Southwark  
Spa Fields Gardens, Islington  
Spa Green Gardens, Islington  
St Albans Riverside, Richmond  
St Alfege Park, Greenwich  
St Alphage Garden and St Alphage Extension Garden, City of London  
St Andrew Holborn Churchyard, City of London  
St Andrew Street Garden and Holborn Circus Garden, City of London  
St Andrew Undershaft Churchyard, City of London  
St Andrew's Gardens, Camden  
St Andrew's Square Gardens, Kingston  
St Andrew-by-the-Wardrobe, City of London  
St Ann Blackfriars Burial Grounds: Church Entry and Ireland Yard, City of London  
St Anne and St Agnes, City of London  
St Anne's Churchyard, Westminster  
St Anne's Churchyard, Wandsworth  
St Anne's Churchyard, Limehouse, Tower Hamlets  
St Anne's Gardens, Southwark  
St Bartholomew's Gardens, Tower Hamlets  
St Bartholomew-the-Great Churchyard, City of London  
St Benet Welsh Church, City of London  
St Botolph without Aldgate Churchyard, City of London  
St Botolph without Bishopsgate Churchyard, City of London  
St Bride's Fleet Street Churchyard, City of London  
St Clement Eastcheap, City of London  
St Dunstan's Churchyard, Stepney, Tower Hamlets  
St Dunstan-in-the-East, City of London  
St Dunstan-in-the-West Burial Ground, City of London  
St Edward the Confessor Church Gardens, Havering  
St George's Gardens *, Camden  
St George's Square, Westminster  
St George's Terrace Open Space, Camden  
St George's-in-the-East Churchyard, Tower Hamlets  
St George-the-Martyr Churchyard and St George's Garden, Southwark  
St Giles Churchyard, Camberwell, Southwark  
St Giles' Churchyard, Camden  
St Helen Bishopsgate Churchyard, City of London  
St James Clerkenwell Church Garden, Islington  
St James's Church Rest Garden, Croydon  
St James's Churchyard, Southwark  
St James's Churchyard, Piccadilly, Westminster  
St James's Gardens, Camden  
St James's Gardens, Tower Hamlets  
St James's Square *, Westminster  
St John the Baptist Churchyard, Barnet  
St John Zachary Garden (Goldsmiths' Garden), City of London  
St John's Church Memorial Garden, Croydon  
St John's Churchyard, Islington  
St John's Churchyard, Southwark  
St John's Churchyard Garden, Lambeth  
St John's Churchyard Gardens, Hackney  
St John's Churchyard, Walham Green, Hammersmith & Fulham  
St John's Garden, Islington  
St John's Garden, Hackney  
St John's Gardens, Tower Hamlets  
St John's Gardens, Westminster  
St John's Lodge Gardens *, Westminster  
St John's Wood Church Grounds, Westminster  
St John's, Smith Square, Westminster  
St Katharine Cree Churchyard, City of London  
St Katherine Coleman Churchyard, City of London  
St Leonard's Churchyard Garden, Hackney  
St Luke's Church and Gardens, Islington  
St Luke's Church Gardens, Lambeth  
St Luke's Gardens *, Kensington & Chelsea  
St Magnus the Martyr Churchyard, City of London  
St Margaret Lothbury, City of London  
St Margaret Westminster Churchyard, Westminster  
St Margaret's Square, Lewisham  
St Mark's Churchyard, Lambeth  
St Martin's Gardens, Camden  
St Mary Abbots Gardens, Kensington & Chelsea  
St Mary Aldermanbury, City of London  
St Mary Aldermary Churchyard, City of London  
St Mary at Hill Churchyard, City of London  
St Mary Magdalen Churchyard, Southwark  
St Mary Magdalene Gardens, Islington  
St Mary Staining Churchyard, City of London  
St Mary's Church Gardens, Islington  
St Mary's Church Grounds, Westminster  
St Mary's Churchyard, Newham  
St Mary's Churchyard, Hammersmith & Fulham  
St Mary's Churchyard, Westminster  
St Mary's Churchyard and Garden of Remembrance, Haringey  
St Mary's Churchyard Gardens, Southwark  
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